Cover 18 sub-industries of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, providing one-stop trade services for the cross-border medical trade industry and realizing upstream and downstream connection.

Connect global medical professionals; massive business opportunities at your fingertips is a B2B online display and promotion platform focusing on cross-border medical trade. As a pioneer in the industry, we are committed to accelerating the global circulation of medicines and medical devices, making cross-border medical trade business simpler and more efficient. Visitors to the platform come from more than 200 countries and regions in five continents, and the platform builds communication channels for hundreds of thousands of medical industry suppliers and purchasers around the world, expands overseas business opportunities and provides comprehensive solutions.

Coverage of 211 countries and regions

300,000+ global active users

In 2020, the number of visits increased by 300%+ from the previous year

205 industry breakdowns

*Data sources: Background Database


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MEMBERSHIP AND PROMOTION builds a full membership system to create a procurement and promotion scene with good experience and efficient and convenient communication for both buyers and sellers. At the same time, marketing and promotion of products are launched to help drive sales, post new products, increase brand awareness, develop specific markets or clear inventory.

Diamond Member provides you with senior member services and the whole process of tracking services from foreign trade expert team, and registered experts, certified experts, market analysis experts, buyer survey teams, senior professional translators, negotiation experts, and marketing promotion experts will help you to exploit overseas market.

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Gold membership premium membership service covers brand building, business inquiries, integrity guarantee, trade office and operation support, providing one-stop solution to the needs of branded website building, product exposure, traffic attraction and business opportunity acquisition.

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The king of cost performance, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that are new to online promotion. The service content involves branded website building, business opportunity acquisition and operational support. Help SMEs to open up new channels for customer acquisition.

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Business Accelerator

Customized promotion services, tailor-made promotion plans for featured products, help develop the target market in a short time, acquire a large number of target buyers, and quickly win business opportunities!

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Advertising position of the platform

The advertised products of the campaign help you increase customer traffic, conversion rate and brand loyalty, and help your brand grow on and off the website on a larger scale.

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X&Y International Corporation Limited——Break through the bottleneck and open up the European and American markets
X&Y International Co Ltd. is a world-leading supplier of protective equipment solutions, and its products include personal protective equipment, industrial protective equipment and other protective equipment.
The high-quality products plus the Business Accelerator of have enabled its products to win 46 high-quality customers in Europe and the United States within 41 days.
"We signed a contract with at this year's Business Accelerator Offline Conference. The event not only opened up the European and American markets and gained sincere customers, but also enabled us to get a new understanding of During the preparation of the promotion materials, account manager MM was guiding us very patiently. The optimized product photos and information have indeed attracted many European and American buyers."

——Zhang Quanying, International Business Manager of Shenzhen X&Y Industrial Co., Ltd.


Mellow Hope——completed a large order worth nearly RMB10 million from Austria
Mellow Hope Pharm Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the export of biological vaccines, biological agent, medical protective products and medical apparatus and instruments. Since promoting its products on four years ago, it has gained a lot of global orders. At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, it found Austrian customers on, and quickly completed orders of masks worth nearly RMB10 million.
“Before joining Drugdu, we had always taken the trade show as the most important promotion channel. We invested a huge cost, but the effect was unstable.After joining Drugdu, we have gained customers from tens of countries. Especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have basically been unable to attend overseas trade shows, but Drugdu can still help us bring stable customers. We are very satisfied and hope that Drugdu will get better and better and bring us more customers.”

——Simon, Sales Manager of Shenzhen Mellow Hope Pharm Industrial Co., Ltd.


Minsheng Healthcare——successfully took the first step to exploit the overseas market
Zhejiang Minsheng Healthcare Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Minsheng Pharma Holdings, focuses on the field of probiotics, with probiotic series (MINSHENG Puruiba, MINSHENG Ganyibao), plant extract series and other health products.Previously, its products were mainly aimed at the Chinese market, but the expansion of overseas market was not enough. In order to enter the overseas market and develop global business, Minsheng Healthcare cooperated with
"Recommended by friends in the industry, we joined Through the promotion of Drugdu, we successfully took the first step to exploit overseas market and found potential customers. Give Drugdu thumbs up for its professional and intimate service!”

——Jason, Marketing Director of Zhejiang Minsheng Healthcare Co., Ltd.


Urihk Pharma——30% of orders come from
It is mainly engaged in innovative drugs in critical care.
Four years ago, we joined, which brought us a lot of business opportunities. We are earnestly operating our business on, so we have achieved satisfactory results on the platform.At present, 30% of our orders come from Compared with our gains on the website, our investment is almost negligible.Thanks to for gathering global medical traders on such a B2B website, creating a platform for us to promote our brand and help us continuously obtain orders.

——RAJESH VERMA Sales Manager Urihk Pharmaceutical Private Limited


ZOEY CORPORATION——gained a big Russian buyer in its first month online
It is mainly engaged in various surgical instruments, orthopedic instruments, arthroscopy instruments, neurosurgical instruments, abdominal surgery instruments, etc.
When we were about to start online promotion, we did a lot of research, and finally targeted We think it is the best platform to connect with global target audiences with the minimal initial investment. We gained a big customer from Russia one month after we joined then, we have continued to gain customers on with other channels, the quality of buyers on is much higher, and the number of high-quality products you post is directly proportional to the number of inquiries you receive, which is the best thing about it.


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MEDICA & COMPAMED Düsseldorf 2021

The MEDICA is the world's largest medical trade fair for medical technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. The fair takes place once a year in Dusseldorf and is open to trade visitors only. Rising life expectancy, medical progress and the growing awareness of the people for their health are helping to increase the demand for modern treatment methods. This is where the Medica grabs and provides the medical device industry a central market for innovative products and systems that result in an important contribution to the efficiency and quality of patient care.

FIME – 2021

For 30 years, FIME has brought together manufacturers spearheading innovation in medical devices and equipment and the distributors and buyers looking to help expand into new verticals and markets. FIME is the annual must-attend event for everyone in the healthcare industry in the Americas.

CPhI China 2021

CPhI is an established pharmaceutical event with over 30 years' experience of bringing together the movers and shakers in pharma. Uniting niche and top buyers and sellers together under one roof in nine event locations around the world, CPhI hosts quality conferences, free seminars, Awards and even pharma community charity expeditions. By editor

Zdravookhraneniye 2021 Moscow Russia

The Russian Ministry of Health Care included the Russian Health Care Week 2021 in their schedule of research and practice events for this year. The Week is Russia's largest health care project. It brings together a series of international trade shows and major congresses such as the Zdravookhraneniye 2020 international exhibition for medical engineering, products and consumables, the Healthy Lifestyle 2021 international exhibition for rehabilitation and preventive treatment facilities, medical aesthetics, pharmaceuticals and products for healthy lifestyle, the MedTravelExpo 2021. Medical Clinics.

The New CRISPR-Based Covid-19 Test Could Be a Game-Changer

In today’s pandemic-ravaged world, waking up with a mild cough or slight fever can be both hugely worrying and massively disruptive. With symptoms as non-specific as these, the only way to determine whether the sufferer has a common cold or full-blown Covid-19 is to run a diagnostic test. With countries now looking to relax lockdown periods and social distancing measures as soon as possible, the need to test for Coronavirus infections quickly, cheaply and at scale has never been more urgent.

Bayer’s Kerendia approved in the US to slow CKD in type 2 diabetes patients

Bayer’s first-in-class nonsteroidal mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist (MRA) Kerendia has received approval in the US to slow chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Kerendia (finerenone) to reduce the risk of sustained eGFR decline, kidney failure, cardiovascular death, non-fatal myocardial infarction (MI) and hospitalisation for heart failure in adult patients with CKD associated with T2D.

Early data shows CanSinoBIO’s inhaled COVID-19 vaccine triggers immune response

CanSinoBIO’s inhaled COVID-19 vaccine candidate was found to trigger immune responses with no serious side effects reported, according to an early-stage clinical study.

Pfizer’s JAK inhibitor Xeljanz shows benefit in COVID-19 pneumonia

Pfizer’s JAK inhibitor Xeljanz reduced the risk of severe outcomes in hospitalised adult patients with COVID-19 pneumonia who were not on ventilation, according to new study data. The STOP-COVID trial was conduction by Pfizer and the ARO from the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in Sao Paolo, Brazil, which was also the trial coordinating centre. Patients were randomised to receive either Xeljanz (tofacitinib) 10mg twice daily plus standard of care (SoC) or placebo twice daily plus SoC for up to 14 days or until hospital discharge.

10 Triumphant Drug Launches Of The Decade

Source: Shutterstock Success is subjective, especially when it comes to new drugs that can change the lives of patients. Clinical success doesn't always translate to commercial success, but when pharma is firing on the right cylinders, medical breakthroughs are also big commercial winners. Big blockbusters got harder and harder to launch in the last decade, as competition grew and drug developers focused on more challenging areas of drug development where the market was less tapped, such as in immuno-oncology and rare diseases. Also, launch trajectories lengthened as market access became more burdensome.

China’s Import and Export Market Report of Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease with complex pathogenesis and an extremely high morbidity rate, which seriously affects the quality of the life of patients and brings economic burden to society. Thus, effective treatments of RA has become a global concern of the pharmaceutical industry. The purpose of RA treatment is to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, protect joint structure, maintain function and control the human body system. At present, the therapeutic drugs for RA mainly include non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs, disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, hormones, biological agents and others.

China’s Import and Export Market Report of Diabetes Drugs

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases and is mainly classified into type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and others. Worldwide, 90% of diabetic patients suffer from type 2 diabetes, which greatly promotes the development of the diabetes drug market.

China’s Import and Export Market Report of Contraceptive Drugs

Research by the World Health Organization has shown that“Physically, it is much more difficult to stop the production of millions of sperm per day for men than to prevent women from releasing an egg every month.”

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The English name of comes from "drug" + "du" which means to create Baidu of the pharmaceutical industry and is called Ddu for short. "Didu" (in Chinese) is a homonym for Ddu. is committed to changing the complex offline and cross-border processes of traditional medicine and medical device industries, breaking the information gap between supply and demand sides based on medical trade business logic, effectively matching upstream and downstream resources, and creating a new model of "Internet+" for cross-border medical trade. The vision of is to share global medical resources and create a better and healthy life. is a vertical B2B online promotion and procurement platform focusing on cross-border trade of medicines and medical devices. Different from other comprehensive B2B platforms, is deeply involved in the cross-border medical trade industry. It has 205 sub-categories of medicines and medical devices specially designed for the industry, dedicated service content, industry experts and a senior foreign trade operation team to help you with precision marketing.
Professional search: a classified catalog specially designed for the industry, which can realize multi-dimensional accurate search. There are corresponding product, country, supplier and agent information under each category, which is convenient for users to find the corresponding resources according to the category and get more accurate matching, to provide more specialized and more refined products and services that are more in line with the industry for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
Transaction matching: As a distribution center for global industry supply and demand posts, the platform has a large and accurate database, which can automatically match buying and selling needs, and recommend potential partners and products for you.
Qualification certification: Drugdu cooperates with the two major international certification agencies Switzerland SGS and TÜV Rheinland to provide you with professional certification services in the industry, including certification of GMP, GSP, GDP, production and operation licenses, etc., to help you quickly win the trust of buyers.
Brand promotion: Drugdu provides you with a complete online and offline promotion system, including accurate traffic advertising system of the platform, SNS and EDM, global O2O exhibitions, etc., to quickly increase brand exposure and brand awareness.
Co-exhibition service: Join the Drugdu joint exhibition plan, and participate in world-renowned exhibitions with Drugdu. You can enjoy online and offline simultaneous promotion during the exhibition, including homepage window display space, exhibition page display space, homepage banner advertising space, exhibition sample display, promotional brochures, light box advertisements and other product displays and brand exposure opportunities.
Agent recruitment: You can post the recruitment agent requirements on the platform at any time to seek global cooperation.
Third-party services: The platform provides a complete third-party service system, including R&D cooperation, CRO, factory and product inspection, market research, translation, and logistics.
Information notification: notify the cutting-edge industry trends, comprehensive market analysis, and hot business information in a timely manner. is a professional B2B online display and procurement platform dedicated to cross-border medical trade. It is committed to solving industry barriers of difficulty in finding customers, difficulty in cross-border trade and difficulty in communication. By matching domestic and overseas supply and demand information, providing a full range of solutions and building an information center for the pharmaceutical industry, it helps cross-border medical trade.
At present, the platform gathers industry enterprise resources and product information from more than 210 countries and regions. Monthly visits have been growing rapidly and steadily (page views, visitors, searches, membership registration, product uploads).The platform provides a series of complete service systems and promotion systems.
Joint exhibition service is part of Drugdu’s global promotion plan. Suppliers can choose online or online-offline exhibition modes according to the service package and get in touch with buyers together with the senior foreign trade team of to achieve transactions through branded product display. Combining online communication, it helps to convert visitors into your loyal partner.
Drugdu's qualification certification is a set of objective, rigorous and detailed certification services designed by for cross-border medical trade companies. It helps companies build brand credibility, enhance their core competitiveness, show their comprehensive strength more authoritatively and accurately, and increase the exposure of their brands and products in the global market. At the same time, the internationally renowned authoritative inspection and certification companies SGS and TÜV independently conduct reviews as the third parties and issue complete certification reports.
Register on the platform, fill out corporate information and product information, and after passing the review, you can enjoy a 15-day experience period of silver membership. You can communicate with your dedicated marketing consultant to choose the level of membership service you expect, gold member or silver member, and the marketing consultant will assist you in completing the membership process.
For specific methods of becoming a member, you can also consult by telephone: 0755-82536774, email:, WeChat: drugdu2, corporate QQ: 3377208774, or WhatsApp: +86-18124684783.
Member Interests Service Name Diamond Member Gold Member Silver Member
Basic Services
Product quantity
Inquiry management
Purchase quotation
Primary account / sub-account
3,000 pieces
5 pieces per day
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Showroom keywords optimization
Brand recommendation in Chinese and English column on
EDM product recommendation
Highlight display of exclusive diamond member logo and qualification certification logo
Priority in display of 5 flagship products;
Grade Ⅰ priority
Priority in display of products under "You may like"
Expert guidance, one-to-one optimization suggestions
A monthly promotion in both Chinese and English
EDM pushing to industry buyers by matching
Highlight display of exclusive gold member logo and qualification certification logo
Priority in display of 5 flagship products;
Grade Ⅰ priority
Priority in display of products under "You may like"
Effective increase in natural search volume for enterprises and products
Two promotion advertorials for enterprise or product in both Chinese and English
Grade Ⅱ priority
Priority in display of products under "You may like"
Assist in optimization
One promotion advertorial for enterprise or product in both Chinese and English
Butler Services
Showroom management
Participating in various promotion activities on the platform as an agent
Priority review privilege
Inquiry management
Exclusive material library for corporate showroom
Assist in optimizing enterprise space and product information
Being aware of platform activities in the first time and participating in them as a matter of priority
Review completed within 1 working day
Butler's inquiry reminder service, connecting with and following up potential buyers in the first time
Star shop template created by senior designers
Assist in optimizing enterprise space and product information
Being aware of platform activities in the first time and participating in them as a matter of priority
Review completed within 1 working day
Butler's inquiry reminder service, connecting with and following up potential buyers in the first time
Star shop template created by senior designers
SEO guidance
Review completed within 2 working days
Mail reminder
Ordinary showroom
Enterprise show
Drugdu's qualification certification
Showroom decoration
Drugdu and a century-old international certification organization issued a certification report, presenting the authority of enterprise information
Showroom banner optimized by an exclusive designer(3 photos) and product pictures(40 photos)
Drugdu and a century-old international certification organization issued a certification report, presenting the authority of enterprise information
Showroom banner optimized by an exclusive designer(1 photo) and product pictures(8 photos)
Tracking service from foreign trade expert team
Targeted Promotion
Target market analysis, buyer qualification survey
Registration, certification, access standards and norms consulting
Customs declaration and inspection, logistics consulting
Professional translation
Market promotion in 3 key countries (which can be adjusted once for a member)
A survey on the strength of 5 key buyers provided by an authoritative third party
Consultation and assistance in the whole process of registration of 5 products in overseas target markets
Assist in the preparation of customs declaration and inspection procedures for 5 times, logistics consultation.
Translation of 10000 Chinese characters

*Shenzhen Drugdu Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret the above content

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In addition to upgrading your membership level, you can improve your company's ranking through the following methods:
(1) Complete company informationThe higher the integrity of company information, the higher the ranking.
(2) Go through company qualification certification, which helps enhance the ranking of your company on the search results page.
(3) If your company information is very complete and your company has been certified, you can start compiling product keywords. Product keywords are search terms used when buyers search for information. You may determine which search terms are more frequently searched by buyers according to your working experience, and then set them as corresponding product keywords. The higher the correlation of product keywords, the higher the ranking of product information on the search results page.
(4) Regularly update your company and product information, which helps enhance the ranking of your company on the product search results page.
In addition to upgrading your membership level, you can improve your ranking in the following methods:
(1) Improve your company information. The higher the integrity of the company's information, the higher the ranking.
(2) Improve the company's qualification certification information, which helps improve your product search rankings.
(3) Keyword optimization: to meet the diverse search needs of users, the keyword should contain information such as product name, product characteristics (attributes), industry standards, certifications and models, so that buyers can accurately search for your products and fully learn the product overview.

It is suggested that you choose keywords that are common names, alias and words that buyers are most likely to use to search for the product.
Keywords are case insensitive.
Keywords do not distinguish between single and plural forms.
Misunderstanding 1: Fill out as few keywords as possible, so the relevance is high.
Keywords are the most likely words used by buyers to search for the product. If you fill out too little, or even do not include the most commonly used aliases, you will have less chance of being searched.
Misunderstanding 2: The more frequently the hot words appear, the better, so the matching degree will be higher.
In the intelligent semantic search engine, there is no influence on the ranking when the matching words appear once or for many times, and repetition times will not improve the ranking.
Misunderstanding 3: The order of keywords does not affect.
The order of keywords is influential, so important and popular keywords should be placed in the front.

(4) Updating your company and product information regularly helps to improve the ranking of your products in search results.
(1) Set correct keywords when filling out product information. Product keywords are search terms used when buyers search for information. You may determine which search terms are more frequently searched by buyers according to your working experience, and then set them as corresponding product keywords. The higher the relevance of the product keywords, the higher the product exposure and the greater the possibility of achieving cooperation intentions.
(2) View sourcing requests on the platform. The sourcing requests posted by buyers will be displayed in the column of the homepage. You can browse sourcing requests. If you find your potential buyers, please click "Quote" to send the quotation.

Sourcing requests posted by buyers are displayed in a column on the platform. You can browse sourcing requests in it. If you find your potential buyers, you can send them a quote.

After logging in, you may recruit an agent by the following methods:
Find "Agency Service" in the navigation bar on the homepage and select "I want to recruit agents" to enter the agent information filling interface.
Before recruiting an agent, your company profile must be filled in. If you have not filled in the company information, please fill out the company information first.

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